The Most Dramatic Evidence in The Natalee Holloway Disappearance Mystery

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There have been many such incidents and happenings in the world that leave their imprints on our mind. One such incident happened on May 30, 2005. This incident is about the vanishing of an American teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba Island. She was about nineteen years old and had graduated from Mountain Brook High School Alabama. It has been more than a decade that neither the police nor the media have succeeded to collect any evidence.

Why did she go to Aruba?
One of the main questions that arise in the mind of people who read this real-life story is that why did she go to Aruba. The answer to this is that she had gone to Aruba with his schoolmates to celebrate their high school graduation. Aruba, the tropical Caribbean Island, was chosen the destination place to enjoy. A group of about 125 classmates reached the Island on May 30, 2005.

Activities of Natalee at School
A long talk with her classmates reveals that Natalee was a bright student who always remained at the front in curricular as well as co-curricular activities. She was an expert dancer and sportswoman. She and her brother Matthew lived with their parents till they divorced in 1993.

Excitement at School Trip
Being an activist, she was a lot excited about enjoying this last trip with her classmates. She wanted to join Pre-medical in college and wanted to make the Aruba trip an unforgettable trip. But, she did not know that this might prove her last trip of life. She considered this opportunity a golden chance to celebrate with her classmates.

Were they alone or with some Adults?
Another question that arises in the mind of every reader is why the school sent them alone to that remote island. The answer to the question is that they were not alone. Instead, the school sent the trip under the supervision of seven adult members. The adults report that they used to visit the classmates daily. In spite of this, they were unable to avert the fate.

The Agenda of the Trip
The agenda of the trip was to let loose and enjoy after a lot of hard work. Once again, it is pertinent to mention that they had passed the graduate school and wanted to enjoy and forget the laborious days of studies at school.

Views of Aruba Police and Hotel Management about the Classmates
When the investigation teams asked the Aruba Police and Hotel Management team about the behavior of the classmates, the answer was that the students were reckless. This means that they showed irresponsible behavior and irritated the other people staying in Holiday Inn where they stayed for 5 nights. The hotel management even told that Natalee was fond of drinking.

Meeting with a Local High School Student
During the trip, Natalee met a local student Joran Van der Sloot. He was also a high school graduate from Aruba. One night when Natalee was in a bar, Sloot with his two older classmates Satish and Deepak reached there. Sloot began to talk and attract Natalee. At about 1:30 AM the three friends left out the bar along with Natalee.

She Never Returned Back, and the Search Started
On the next morning, her classmates worried when she did not reach back to the hotel. They saw that all her belongings and traveling documents were lying arranged. They also noticed that no one had slept in the bed in the night. They tried to call her, but it went to the voicemail. Aruban police searched for her in the entire island that is not very big.

Arrival of her Parents to the Island
Upon hearing the news of her disappearance, her parents reach the Aruba Island. Her mother did everything she could to carve out a clue to find her. She wanted to know about the three boys with whom Natalee went out that night. The police told them about her visit to Carlos’n Charlies along with the three boys. Here, one thing good for her parents was that the hotel management knew Sloot, the local student.

Questions from Van der Sloot
The police took her parents to the boy’s house for asking about her daughter. By the way, both the parents were thinking that they would find their daughter with the boy. But, to their bad luck, Natalee was not there. But, one of the other two boys Deepak was present at Sloot’s house. Both the friends denied knowing anything about Natalee.

Van der Sloot’s Story
Sloot told the police and the parents that they had made a program to visit Arashi Beach to see the sharks. But, later she refused to go there because she did not want to miss her flight. Thus, they left her back to her hotel. She had drunk enough that she could not walk. The hotel security man accompanied her to her room.

The Parents did not believe the Story
The parents did not believe the story of the boy and wanted the police to arrest him. But, the police did not find any evidence against the boy to arrest him. The local authorities began an intensive rescue operation than mere search. The locals also collected the money to help the parents through extensive search operation.

Checking of Images taken by Security Cameras
The parents began to check the images taken by security cameras but were unable to find any hint. They could not find anything even one month after her disappearance.

Emergence of Conflicting Evidences
Nothing came out in spite of extensive searches. After a month, various conflicting shreds of evidence appeared. The police suspected the two security guards and also Sloot and his friends. Even, the police continued to look after Sloot and his friends.

Announcement of Death
After a lot of investigation, Aruban Minister of Justice announced her death. But after a few days, he had to take his words back saying that he had received wrong information.

Evidence of Local People
At last two local people decided to help the police. They said that they had seen Van der Sloot at about 2:30-3: 00 AM in the hotel along with his two friends. Another man said that he had seen some people burying the dead body. Both the places were searched but all in vain.

Van der Sloot’s Book
Van der Sloot wrote a book about what had happened that night. Police, once again, arrested her and began an investigation. Sloot began to contradict his own statement.

A Reliable Statement at the End
Finally, Gabriel, a roommate of Van der Sloot told the police the reality of the case. He said that Van der Sloot had told him all about what happened that night. She was given date rape drugs that reacted and became the reason for her death. He also told that Sloot and his father had buried the dead body in an Aruba park and a cactus tree had grown at that place. The search team also found the remains of the dead body and finally, the case was solved.