Real Love Can Last 65 Years or More to Get Married

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Source: Inside Edition/AOL Video

Helen Andre and Davy Moakes met each other, fell in love, and wanted to get married in 1951. They had a very modern view of life at that time, but their parents came from a different stock. Situated in Derbyshire, England, the world was reconstructing itself after the horror of World War II, and conservatism was all around back in the United Kingdom. As a result, Helen Andre’s parents wanted her to grow up and get married to a respectable man, of which there was a bit of a shortage right after the war, and settle down in a stable path. This was not a time period when women were expected to go off and get their own careers, and parents’ greatest fear was that their daughter would get pregnant with no husband and become a lifetime burden on the family. So, when Helen and Davy made it known they were in love and planning to tie the knot, the parents went into full gear to the stop the matter.

The problem was that Davy was an artist. In 1951 England, an artists was one of two things: a penniless bum filching off of others for money and a place to life, or a criminal. Art for the sake of art didn’t generate many fans or promoters in Derbyshire. London might have been another matter, but Derbyshire was situated well in the middle of the country. It sits southeast of Manchester and is predominantly an agricultural area with occasional large factories for assembly. That makes the population a fairly conservative bunch versus the far more liberal attitudes in the urban south on the Thames.

As a result, Helen’s parent succeeded in torpedoing her marriage plans with Davy Moakes. The two soon separated and Davy drifted off into his own life. Helen stayed in Derbyshire and Davy moved, both getting married to other people. Overall, Davy married three times and Helen married twice since their separation. However, they both outlived their other partners, never knowing what happened to the other in all that time.

Then, one day, Helen’s daughter, Debbie Williams started doing some sleuthing on the family history. She came across various family materials referencing Davy. In various conversations she learned the story of her mother’s first true love and their loss due to societal pressures of the 1950s. Not satisfied to leave the story at that, Debbie starting poking around to find out whatever happened to Davy Moakes after he separated from Helen. Surprising, she not only found Davy’s history but she found him still alive as well. Now in his middle 80s, Davy was still interested in seeing Helen again. Debbie developed a communication channel between the two, and sure enough an old love started up again.


Source: Inside Edition/AOL Video

At the age of 82 for Helen and 86 for Davey, the two delayed lovebirds finally got to achieve the marriage they had had to wait 65 years for. They may not have been able to marry in the 1950s, but fate would have it they would get married in this lifetime after all.