How Ridiculously Different These Biracial Twins Look at 18 Years Old

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Parents Donna and Vince Aylmer already had three children and were happily expecting their fourth. They thought the doctor was joking when she announced the couple, celebrating their 11th anniversary in November, could expect two more children in a few months. After getting used to the idea, they thought they were ready. Fate, as it turned out had one more surprise in store for the happy couple. Keep reading to find out more about this couple’s shocking revelation.

The two healthy babies were beautiful. Like many twins they were not identical in every way. In fact, these two were quite unique and caught the attention of everyone who saw them. Every new mother can expect questions from onlookers eager to participate in the magic of creating life. However, these healthy twins generated quite a stir. Keep reading to see baby pictures provided by the proud parents, a bi-racial couple.

These early pics of the twins, Maria and Lucy, are from 1997, not that long after their entry into the world. Although Donna and Vince Aylmer have since separated, with Donna now using her maiden name of Douglous, they worked together to stay involved in their daughters lives. However, even after long separations, it was never hard to tell these two cuties apart. As they grew older, they increasingly took on unique looks. Believe it or not, this next picture is of these same babies and was taken doing their toddler years.

Both parents worked hard to provide for their family. Donna, 49, worked in a warehouse worker while Vince, 55, was a professional scaffolder. Mother Donna is biracial and half-Jamaican while Dad Vince is Caucasian. Usually, similar pairings result in children with mixed skin tone. In a curious whim of nature, the couple had children with strong features of each parent, resulting in one white and one black child. Can these girls still be identical twins?

Technically, identical twins are born from the same egg and have identical features, include skin tone, eye and hair color and other traits. Lucy and Maria, however, are fraternal twins, each of whom had a separate egg at conception. These two girls did grow up close, as most multiples do. Throughout their childhoodm they celebrated birthdays, holidays and other special times with the rest of their siblings and family. So, how can you tell the two apart?

Lucy has light skin and blond hair, while twin Maria has carmel tones with lovely brown hair. Both girls are curly heads with bright, beautiful smiles. According to Lucy, her mother was speechless when handed two very different looking little babies.

Donna dressed her twins in the same outfits, as many mothers of multiples do. However, this usually doesn’t cause shock and disbelief from passersby. Confused strangers wondered why two little girls from different backgrounds would be dressed like sisters. This doesn’t seem to have bothered Lucy and Maria much. What do you think their brothers and sisters looked like?

Lucy and Maria say that their siblings have skin color between the two girls, with none exactly the same. Lucy said her porcelain complexion was inherited from their grandmother, an English rose. Growing up in a large family, siblings often can feel lost, especially if everyone looks alike. There were no such problems growing up as a Aylmer.

Fair-eyed, blond Lucy has irises the color of the blue-green sea off Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, Maria has soft, dark brown eyes and hair. One thing about her looks bothered each twin – so what made this beautiful girls cry?

Maria hated her unruly curly hair and used to complain when her mother tried to brush it out, making her cry. Lucy tearfully recalled how schoolmates bullied her because of her light skin. They would call her a ghost so much that she often felt socially invisble. Peers accused her of being adopted, making her life a living hell. How did she overcome this stigma as a biracial twin?

Lucy leaned on Maria and the rest of her family for support. However, one downside of being such different looking twins was that they could not swap identities as a practical joke.

These wonderful girls may even have enjoyed some Wonder Twin powers. Do you think they were psychic? Read on to learn more.

The two girls say they shared shadow pain when the other twin was hurt. However, they say they could never finish each other’s sentences or anticipate each other’s thoughts. They also preferred different hairstyles. As they grew up, Lucy went from a blond to a ginger-haired girl and began straighening her wavy curly hair. Maria kept her tight ringlets and wore them with flair throughout their childhood.

The girls rebelled as young as seven and refused to dress alike any longer. What are their plans as they prepare for college?

Although they don’t precisely know what they will major in at university, each girl values the ability to express herself. As you can see, they enjoy quite different, but complimentary styles.

Lucy has come to love alternative style and shows off her piercings with relish. Maria’s fashion sense is more professional, softer around the edges. Whatever they’re doing, it’s clear that these gorgeous teens can make a statement anywhere they go, alone or as a pair.

Both twins admit that their different personalities sometimes kept distance between them when they were growing up. Maria, it seems, is outgoing and eager to meet new people, while shy Lucy preferred time to herself.

The family rainbow makes for a unique portrait of this modern familial unit. The siblings stay close despite their diverse looks. Does this diversity ever strain family ties?

The twins say they are closer now than while growing up and are “best friends.” Lucy is an art student at Gloucester College while Maria hopes to obtain a law degree at Cheltenham College.