Bereaved Husband Finds Lovely Note His Wife of Sixty Years Left Behind

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Source: Cliff Sims/Facebook

Almost everyone dreams of a one true love, a love that will weather every storm, a love that will last a lifetime. Dewy-eyed youths anticipate the writing of their own love story, and weather-beaten sages herald it as the crowning glory of life.

Sadly, it is more of a rarity than one would hope. To borrow the eloquently exaggerated words of Prince Humperdinck from cheap nba jerseys The Princess Bride, “Not one couple in wholesale jerseys China a century has that chance, no matter what the storybooks say.”

In this hectic world of misplaced priorities, shattered relationships and broken promises, cynicism might perhaps win the day.

But for Jimmy and Billie Breland, theirs is a different experience. They shared a precious reality of true love that spanned more than sixty years.

They were married June 8,1954, and together they embarked on a life filled with loving service to their family, community and beyond.  Their impact as a couple touched the hearts of so many people.

Jimmy was a student minister at the local university in Cleveland, Mississippi, and he frequently preached in countless pulpits throughout the Mississippi River Delta during his forty years of active ministry. Billie was an Hotel elementary school teacher for over thirty years, also serving forty years as librarian for First Baptist Church. Last, but certainly not least, she was an ardent, constant supporter of her husband’s calling and was well known for her kindness and generosity.

Over the years, their family circle grew, first with the arrival of their daughter and later their three grandsons, expanding opportunities for the making of many happy memories.

Throughout the years, family and friends became familiar with Billie’s tendency to write little notes to herself – reminders of cut things she needed to do, quotes she wanted to remember, funny stories to be 92 laughed at again. It was a sweetly endearing habit that those who were closest to her recognized ответственности as part and parcel of her everyday life.

After many years of usefulness together, Billie began to evidence increasingly noticeable short-term memory challenges. Still, she and her husband cheap jerseys continued to be active, visiting loved ones and enjoying many memory-making times together.

When, however, in late 2014, she fell and broke her hip, her memory and health rapidly declined, and she began having fainting spells which alarmed family and friends.

Jimmy, her constant companion throughout life, was with her every moment until her passing on January 13, 2015.

Who can imagine his heart-brokenness at the loss of his faithful helpmeet of so many years?

But Billie had made provision for her beloved husband at this critical time. A few days after her departure, Jimmy was searching through her wallet and stumbled across dugu a note, one of Billie’s trademarks and not highly unusual. But what was so significant was that it was for him.


Source: Cliff Sims/Facebook

It read: “Please don’t cry because I died! Smile because I lived. Know that I’m in a cheap jerseys China happy place! Know that we will meet again! I’ll see you there!”

So for all the skeptics out there, at least for some, “true love stories never have endings” (Richard Bach).