A Guy Flew His Drone Over This Strange Hole In A Lake – And The Footage Left Him Floored

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Recently, California experienced record amounts of rainfall after a prolonged drought, and this brought with it a fair share of joy and one of the most extraordinary sights as well. One day as one man was flying his drone on a nearby lake in the area, he could hardly believe what he saw. As he scanned the landscape below through the camera on the drone, he captured what seemed like a deep black hole.

Power Of The Dark Hole
Much has been said about the Bermuda Triangle and other dangerous waters to navigate around the world, and it is horrifying to hear some of the stories that encompass them. This is attributed to the force of these waters and whatever lies beneath them, even as scientists try to uncover more theories, which describe what led to some of the most tragic events experienced in these massive water bodies.

Maybe drawing from the same background and out of curiosity, the drone operator decided to have a closer look at this unusual feature on the lake by descending slowly when suddenly, he almost lost control. The hole he was staring at measuring 8-foot-wide, and 200 foot-long, was nothing short of mesmerizing and hypnotic with a flow rate of 48,400 cubic feet of water per second; enough power that almost sucked in the drone.

The Scenery Surrounding The Strange Hole In A Lake
While musing about the strange hole, one cannot help but take note of the scenery around as well. Lush green rolling hills and wildflower covered valleys are characteristics of the setting of this picturesque environment, making it one of the famous attractions in the area. Most tourists will certainly look forward to visiting such an environment whenever they have the opportunity.

For that reason, many individuals frequent the place to enjoy the untouched landscape that is a valuable resource to the inhabitants here in many ways. Interestingly, there is more to this destination than the natural features. It happens to be a human-made creation that keeps people thronging this place to behold one of the most amazing wonders on earth.

News About Water Flowing Inside A Strange Hole
For some time, California has not received any rainfall leaving the ground parched due to the hot temperatures. Perhaps for some residents in a particular region in this state, the effects of the dry period are not much of a concern, compared to its impact on one of the human-made features in the area, which is a significant landmark as well.

When news about the water that had resumed its flow inside the strange hole in the lake went round, everyone was ecstatic, including workers, residents, and tourists, as they anticipated the chance to behold the rare occurrence. All of these flocked the lake longing to take some of the best shots of the wonder before their eyes, but on one of the days, that never happened.

Gaping Hole
On this particular day, curious onlookers failed to catch the moment because the region was granted a reprieve from the rains, which meant the volume of water available in the lake was not sufficient to flow through. Most of those who frequent the area were disappointed at this, but all was not lost because an attraction that tourists could hardly resist was awaiting.

A gaping hole was standing out in the waters, still and unobstructed. It was one of those rare phenomena, as they beheld the wet environment circling the huge hole without flowing inside. As such, though rains did not pour to give these tourists a glimpse of more than this, what they experienced was breathtaking enough. That is not all; there is more to the hole than being an attraction.

The Dark Hole And Its Connection With The Economy
The great dark hole officially called the Monticello Dam Morning Glory Spillway, is commonly referred to as the Glory Hole by residents, workers, and tourists too. It serves as a sink or tub drain, but contrary to these, it sits at the top of the lake rather than the bottom and is just yards away from the concrete lip of the dam.

The spillway is funnel shaped assuming the form of a morning glory flower and the widest point at the opening measures 72 feet, then narrows downwards to approximately 28 feet, and has a vertical depth of two hundred feet. At the bottom, it bends ninety degrees, straightening out to drain out into Putah Creek on the other side of the dam.

An overflow of water in Monticello Dam is contained through the spillway that directs excess water into the dark hole out of the dam. The water plays a significant role in power generation in this area, in addition to supporting tourist activities here. Both are engagements that are driving the economy of the land and the best time for visitors to view the enchanting beauty of the dark hole is when there is sufficient rainfall.

It is one of the biggest dams around, and after construction, it resulted in the creation of Lake Berryessa and is capable of producing more than 11.5 megawatts of power, when there is enough rain. The main reason behind setting up the dam was to combat the dry spells and to ensure that enough water was readily available to last a considerable period.

However, that has become the epitome of one of the most spectacular and amazing creations that majority have never seen. The internet offers a platform to explore the shattering dark hole, which is good enough, but some enthusiasts prefer to enjoy the moment first-hand and for such, visiting the place is a better option. There may not be many activities when the water levels in the dam are less than normal, and it is hard to imagine how the hole would look like as water gushes in during a dry season.
When water starts spilling over into the strange hole after the rains, everything becomes alive, as multitudes embark on a tour to experience a phenomenon that leaves them floored.